----- the first "National Elite Garlic Industry Summit" of 2016 "Top Ten Award" Presentation Ceremony&the Seminar of Garlic and Garlic-sprout Market

Update:2016/5/6 Source:Chinese garlic Information network
---------- the first "National Elite Garlic Industry Summit" of 2016 "Top Ten Award" Presentation Ceremony&the Seminar of Garlic and Garlic-sprout Market
China Vegetable Circulation Association of Finance Supply Chain Committee,Jining City in the Institute of Food and Agricultural Commodities Investment (international garlic trade network) decide that our ceremony will be hold from May 14,2016 to May 15 for two days. To serve the real economy, promote the development of garlic industry, expand the cooperation and communication between insiders of the garlic industry,and enhance the trade cooperation relationship between the customers and domestic clients and foreign clients.
   During the ceremony , we will invite some leaders of  China Vegetable Marketing Association to present the awards,. sign co-operation agreement and organize customers matchmaking symposium ,and we also invite some industry experts to release some important information of the garlic market.
If you are interested in this ceremony, please contact us from the following ways. Such as International Garlic Trade Network website, hotline, QQ, Wechat, Wechat public platform and other channels. You can make a registration from these ways and our customer service will call you later after you enroll your information.
LOCATION: JiNing City, ShanDong Province (specific location will be notified later)
On May 14 th (Saturday)
14: 00--15: 00: Guest Register
15: 00-17: 00: Matchmaking Symposium for Chinese and foreign customers, sign strategic cooperation agreement (NDRC price monitoring information points), launch garlic Business Alliance
18: 00--20: 00 Welcome Dinner, social gathering between chinese and foreign customers
On May 15th (Sunday)
8: 00--8: 30: Guest Register       
1.Release the survey report of garlic sprout market in the middle and later periods.
2.The effect of La Nina weather on crops and the price forecast of agricultural products..
3.The international export data and circumstances report of garlic.
4.Some of the main production area delegate will make a speech.
8:30: Opening Ceremony
8: 30-9: 30: Award Ceremony
9: 30-11: 30: Lecture
11:30--12:30:Special Training(about how can we obtain the garlic business opportunies )
How to Participate:
We are looking forward to seeing you soon, and if you have any questions,please feel free to inform us.