Chile planted Chinese garlic

Update:2014/2/26 Source:Chinese garlic Information network

  Chile is a major producer of garlic planting and South America , not only for domestic consumption market , but also exported to Mexico, Peru , Bolivia and Brazil and other South American countries. Now , Chile has begun large-scale cultivation of Chinese garlic, garlic of Chinese exports to the region may have some impact .

  Currently Chinese garlic has sang the leading role in the country's agricultural markets . Chinese garlic in the Chilean market is being more widely welcomed , many Grower of the country are beginning to grow Chinese garlic. Officials of Chile's largest garlic production company responsible for producing export Group AGROUNO Zuniga affairs , told reporters that Chinese garlic is introduced to Chile a few years ago , many of the current Chilean growers are no longer grow their own garlic garlic varieties, which began production Chinese garlic. He believes that although Chile Garlic Chinese garlic flavor than keen on , but in the agricultural production and sale of goods , Chinese garlic has an absolute advantage .

  In addition, some company sales and export of garlic in an interview that the Chinese garlic heads larger than a lot of garlic in Chile , so the market is easy to " appearance " to win , favored by consumers . In addition, most commonly used household refrigerator Chile garlic , because humidity inside the refrigerator , Chile garlic easy to damp rot , but Chinese garlic was able to save time without deterioration .

  It is understood that in addition to Chile in the Chilean market and Chinese garlic garlic , and garlic in Egypt , Russia and Spain garlic garlic , etc., but the competitiveness of these exotic species are far inferior to Chinese garlic , so garlic in the main growing areas of Chile , Grower replant Chinese garlic has become common practice.