Argentine agricultural exports in 2014, or will decrease still.

Update:2014/2/26 Source:Chinese garlic Information network

  According to the Argentine " clarion" January 12 reported that the relevant private sector forecasts 2013/ 2014 Annual A total agricultural output , although higher than 4% in the previous year , nearly 104 million tons , but due to reduced export supply and international prices down, year agricultural export volume will decline by 5%.

  Agencies believe that the 2013/ 2014 agricultural exports , although the annual Agricultural exports still has international market demand and price of external goodness, but domestic production is facing declining revenues and increasing risks and other uncertainties . This not only affects the development and expansion of acreage farmers ' enthusiasm, but also make trends more obvious agricultural monoculture . Soybean planting due to lower costs, less the cost of agricultural products required , and no wheat and corn export quotas , and its acreage in the country will continue to expand .

  The report quoted industry sources said analyzing data , 2013 /2014 Annual Agricultural exports slight increase in wheat acreage , production is expected to reach 9.5 million tons , slightly improved over the previous year . But the drought weather conditions affect its export volume is expected to continue to shrink. Corn production forecast is less optimistic, because many farmers will plant corn into soybeans , corn acreage along with a corresponding reduction in expected production of 23 million tons . Oilseeds production will rise significantly , by 48 million tons last year to 5200-5500 tons.

  Institute of Food and Agriculture Products Investment Experts estimate that this year Azerbaijan corn and wheat exports will drop 3,000,000 tons and 1,000,000 tons , respectively , coupled with lower international prices and other factors, will face Argentina 's agricultural exports volume and price down , exports also will reduce to $ 24.9 billion , down 4.6%. Statistics show that the first 10 months of 2013 , agricultural exports accounted for 41.1% of Argentina 's total exports has become an important part of foreign trade . Poor prospects for exports of agricultural products by the impact of the above , A total exports this year is expected to be $ 83.2 billion , down 0.2%.