Production of garlic area of Laiwu

Update:2013/4/23 Source:Chinese garlic Information network
Laiwu City is located in Shandong Province, predicting the high quality garlic, known as “the hometown of Chinese ginger”, “the hometown of Chinese pepper ", and“the hometown of Chinese garlic”.
Laiwu has a long history of cultivation garlic, and the Yangli town, Zaili town planting the largest area, in recently years has take on a growing trend. In 2004, Laiwu garlic planting area is 15.17 million acres, annual output is 198,300 tons. In 2005, the garlic planting area is 15.2 million acres, annual output is 202,600 tons. In 2009, the garlic planting area is more than 10 million acres, annual output is 150,000 tons.
Laiwu white garlic is best quality. White garlic divided into two categories, the “white paper” and “forty-six cloves”. Laiwu white garlic’s  Characteristics: big fruit ,high yield, fine quality, fragrant spicy, good winter hardiness, long period of dormancy, and resistant storage.Laiwu garlic throughout the city, It sells well both in the domestic market and abroad, and enjoys a good reputation.