Production of garlic area of Qixian

Update:2013/4/23 Source:Chinese garlic Information network
Qixian located in the eastern part of Henan Province, within the jurisdiction of Kaifeng city.
Qixian is a famous base county as garlic production, processing, storage and sales in the China, garlic planting has more than 2,000 years history in Qixian. Qixian of favorable climatic conditions coupled with advanced cultivation techniques to planting garlic, so the garlic has its unique spicy flavor, and has the advantages of big fruit, white skin, pure spicy ,thick-skinned, hard to separate, resistant storage, pure flavor, moderate spicy ,nutrition rich, It sells well both in the domestic market and abroad, and enjoys a good reputation.
Henan agricultural industrialization in QiXian county office organized the review of the application of the Qixian garlic geographical indication agricultural protection. After the first trial, expert evaluation and publicity, Conform to the procedures and conditions for the registration of geographical indications of agricultural products, the Ministry of Agriculture decided to approve the registration on July 14, 2009.The scope of protection: Qixian garlic agricultural geographical indications scope of protection is “the Wulihe town”, “Gaoyang town”, “Gegang town”, “Sumu township”, and “Peicundian township” and other 21 villages and towns.
In  2010, the county built five large garlic market, fresh and cold storage temperature of more than 630 seats, processing enterprises more than 80, established  garlic direct sales more than 20 cities in China, and the annual export of garlic and products 250,000 tons.
And Sumu township, is a famous hometown of garlic, , “supermarket garlic”“gift garlic ”in the international market largely form Sumu township. Sumu township has more than 500 stores in the garlic market, the harvest yield 11 million tons, the transaction volume of 1.2 billion. It is one of the four major national garlic distribution center, “National garlic industry top ten township (town)", and know as the hometown of garlic.