Production of garlic area of Jinxiang

Update:2013/4/23 Source:Chinese garlic Information network
Jingxiang Garlic has the obvious advantages of big fruit; fresh juice; pure spicy; crispy and delicious; hard to separate; anti-mildew; rot resistant; resistant storage and so on. Jinxiang garlic nutritional value is very high, according to scientific research departments determined, Jinxiang garlic containing 20 kinds of nutrients that human needs, such as protein, niacin, fat, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and so on. Experts known as the best natural antibiotic food and health food, and its medicinal value has caused the attention of the relevant scientific research departments. Jinxiang garlic not only can be eaten raw, but also processed into garlic fluff, garlic slice, garlic powder, garlic oil, allicin and other products, widely used in food, beverage, household chemicals, cosmetics, health care, medicine and other fields.
Jinxiang County is located in the Jingning City — the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, the state of ceremonies, faced the Jiangsu on the South and the Taishan in the north, faced Weishan Lake (Lotus's hometown) on the east and Heze (peony's hometown )on the west. County have jurisdiction over 8 towns, 4 townships with a total area of 885 square kilometers, the total population of 60 million people.87 million acres of arable land, grain classics scale of 2: 8, an annual average of more than 50 million acres of planting garlic, 10 acres of onion, 20 acres of pollution-free vegetables, is China's major garlic, onion, vegetables, cotton production base.
Jinxiang garlic average annual output of 60 million tons, garlic exports pass rate above 90%, exports accounted for more than 70% of the country. Onion average annual output of 50 million tons, exported to 38 countries, regions and other major market such as Japan, the United States and so on.
Jinxiang garlic enjoys a high reputation in the domestic and foreign markets. In 1992, on the China's first Agricultural Fair, Jinxiang garlic won the silver medal, is the only highest Chinese white garlic award so far. In 1996, Jinxiang was named by the national as “Chinese garlic Township”. In 2000, registered “Jinxiang garlic” certification mark in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. In 2002, as the world's largest amount of acreage County get The Guinness Book of records. In January 2003 , Jinxiang garlic allowed to use the “pollution-free agricultural signs ". In March 2003 Jinxiang garlic get the Certificate of Origin sign from The General Administration of Quality Supervision ,Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China. In 2001, Jinxiang held the first Chinese Garlic Festival successfully. In 2002, hosted the first annual meeting of the WTO and Chinese garlic industry forum of garlic scientific and technological achievements Expo successfully.  In 2003, held for the first China International Garlic Festival and organic garlic promotion, to further consolidate Jinxiang garlic "brand advantage. At the county level, Jinxiang garlic known as the 9 best, such as largest amount of acreage, yield the highest quality, the best total output, the largest export volume and so on. In December 2, 2009, Jinxiang County and the EU to reach a consensus on Jinxiang garlic geographical indication, it means a “Jinxiang garlic” geographical indication is recognized by the EU, and it becomes the “passport” for Jinxiang garlic to enter the international market.